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Jakub Pastuszek

Webmaster, system administrator, programmer.

On this website, I will write about projects that I have released to the public domain and on other topics of my current interests.

You can find the source code of this website and projects mentioned here on my SourceHut profile page. The source code of my other projects can be found on my GitHub profile page.

If you have any comments regarding the content of my posts or you noticed any errors on this website or in my projects, please send me a message via plain-text e-mail to ~jpastuszek/projects@lists.sr.ht mailing list or using the relevant issue tracker.

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About this website

This website follows Brutalist Web Design guidelines. It uses no JavaScript and contains no trackers.

I self-host it with nginx and acmed. You can see uptime information on the status page.

About me

I am a co-organiser of the Rust Dublin meetup where you can find me participating or presenting every month.

My ethical guidelines for this website are:

  • Allow for scrutiny, provide an easy way to give feedback.
  • Open licensing of the content and source code.
  • Make a website, not an application.
  • Don't use JavaScript unless unavoidable.
  • Don't use untrusted 3rd party elements that can expose the visitors to harm (e.g. tracking, ads) or block access to this website (e.g. Cloudflare).
  • Don't push visitors into unethical services to be able to use or give feedback to this website.
  • Use clean, responsive and accessible design.
  • Usable with text-based browsers.
  • Economical and energy-efficient.
  • Don't say "users", say "people" or "visitors".